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New Work!


A small necklace featuring a rabbit motif for the Year of the Rabbit 2023.

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Untitled-2 copy.jpg
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A cross-cultural statement with a 1st - 2nd century c.e. Romano-Egyptian bronze rabbit and ancient gold clothing ornaments and pendants (Hellenistic period 2nd century b.c.e), beads of ancient glass, wax-filled 24k Indian gold, amber, and ruby.


About the Artist and her Art


Barbara Natoli Witt is a contemporary artist with the rare distinction of having created her own medium. Her unique necklaces blend tapestry techniques to form intriguing webs of colored threads, ancient beads, and gem stones which capture at their centers precious sculptured pieces, artifacts, and heirloom treasures.

Regarding Ms. Witt's art form: She became fascinated by cross-disciplinary research into the origins of the art of adornment, while studying the ancient ethnic artifacts used in her work. Witt has found inspiration for her designs within a variety of cultures and periods.  She is drawn to the evolving, implicit meaning of symbols that are universally embraced and expressed in the material cultures around the world. More specifically, Witt is driven by a desire to explore the motives for adornment, the historical role of adornment within artistic expression, and the universal importance of the necklace in establishing female power, status, and spirituality. As an artist, Witt is dedicated to renewing an appreciation for aesthetics in our daily lives by recycling and reintegrating the classical ideals of beauty, art, and symbols of the past into our modern sensibilities.

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