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Bib with ancient Persian face bead & ancient Persian pale faience beads. Modern 14k gold beads.



Large collar with Chimu bronze man. Beads of ancient carnelian & modern ruby, emerald, & 14k gold.



Michoacan carving of a man in deer bone. Tapir carved in spondylus shell with matching jaguars & beads. Beads of seed hulls & bone.



Choker with Sinu shell frog & black stone bird - Matching beads, Olmec obsidian beads,& modern 14k gold beads.



Large Chimu repousee silver earspool disc, beads of pre-Columbian greenstone and colonial silver.



Small collar with antique Chinese carved black jade pendant. Beads of black jade, onyx, & 14k gold.



Collar with large antique Tunesian enamelled silver pendant. Beads of lapis, amber, coral, & silver.

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